Uses And Benefits Of Dutch Ovens: Get The Most Out Of This Wonderful Cooking Vessel

I Heard Dutch Ovens Are Versatile. What All Can They Do?

The dutch oven, a heavy, cast iron pot with an oven safe lid, should be a staple of any serious cook’s kitchen. These pots, which come in many shapes and sizes, are great for slow cooked recipes such as braises, soups, and stews. Many dutch ovens are glazed, making them ideal for searing, because the interior enamel is good for caramelization. Glazed dutch ovens are also easy to clean and are dishwasher safe.dutch oven chicken

A larger size dutch oven is good for cooking a whole chicken or making a big recipe, enough to feed a lot of guests.

Traditional dutch ovens come in non-glazed cast iron and can be used in a camp fire. The heavy thickness of the pot provides even heating to its contents.cast iron dutch oven

-A non-glazed dutch oven can be used at a camp fire.-

More Uses And Ideas For Dutch Ovens

Besides soups, stews, and braises, dutch ovens have some other great uses. Anything with a crust, such as chicken pot pie or apple crisp, works very well. The slow, even heating causes perfect browning and crisping of the crust.

Dutch ovens are perfect for deep frying because of their ability to retain heat. Even if you drop in a frozen piece of chicken, the oil maintains its temperature very well. This is a key to successful deep frying. If the oil’s temperature drops significantly, it gets absorbed into the food being cooked, making it greasy. Keeping the oil hot is the best way to avoid greasy fried food.

An idea that has gained a lot of popularity is using a dutch oven to bake bread. The attraction is that this is much easier than baking bread traditionally and produces just as good of a result. No kneading is required and the dutch oven’s lid traps moisture, allowing the bread to form a good crust.dutch oven bread

Although you can do many things with dutch ovens, long cooking recipes is where they shine the most.

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