Food Processors: Why Every Cooking Enthusiast Needs One

How A Food Processor Makes Food Preparation Much Faster And Easierwhat attachments come with a food processor

Food processors save you a lot of time. They are usually equipped with attachments that automate several different food prep tasks. Aside from the regular cutting blade that pulverizes food, there are attachments that can cut vegetables into even slices very quickly. Some units have adjustable cutting thicknesses on this attachment.

Slotted variants of the vegetable slicer allow you to julienne or make french fries… Very quickly… Much easier and faster than doing it manually with a knife. Of course these tasks CAN be performed with a regular kitchen knife, but it requires a lot more time and skill. The food processor will do it safely and with even slicing.shred and julienne vegetables with food processor

A lot of food processors come with a blade attachment that looks like this. It can safely shred vegetables as shown in a matter of seconds. This would take FOREVER to do by hand. You save a lot of time, especially when you need to julienne vegetables as a small part of a larger food preparation task.

Grating attachments are also available, sometimes with varying fineness. These are great for grating cheeses; because if you have ever grated cheese by hand, it gets quite tiresome.

The main cutting blade has many uses. You can quickly cut up different fruits and vegetables for a salad. Just run the blade in brief pulses so as to not completely pulverize the ingredients, and you can quickly and easily make a delicious chef salad with ingredients laying around your house! And of course it is capable of making many things where the ingredients do need to be completely pulverized. Some classic examples are hummus, nut butters, dressings, pesto, ice cream, batters, dough, and dips to name a few. There are manly other great possibilities with a food processor.make hummus with food processor

Things like hummus are very easy with a food processor. Just find a recipe, throw in the ingredients, and pulverize it!


Not only does a food processor make it much easier to perform basic food prep tasks in the kitchen, but it is almost always safer than the manual tasks it replaces. They have safety features where it won’t even work unless the whole container is snapped together perfectly, making it impossible for you to accidentally get your hand caught in the machine.

When grating cheese by hand, it is easy to slip and catch your finger on the grater. Not a devastating injury, but it is can be an annoying thing. This will not happen with a processor; plus, it is very fast and takes no effort of your own.use a food processor instead of a mandoline slicer

Slicing potatoes for something like au gratin potatoes can be done with a mandoline slicer, but these things are notoriously dangerous, even with all the finger guards you can use. A food processor will slice potatoes the same way much faster and with no chance of having an accident.

Many other slicing tasks are safer than manually cutting with a knife, since there is always a chance to slip and cut yourself with a knife.

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