Breville Sous Chef 12 Food Processor: A Powerful, Durable Food Processor That Makes Quick Work Of Many Cooking Tasks (My Review)

Why Choose The Breville Sous Chef Food Processor?breville sous chef 12 food processor

  1. Quickly and easily handles tasks such as grating cheese, chopping things like vegetables, herbs, and nuts, pureeing soup, making dough, and more.
  2. Large feed chute reduces the need to pre-cut ingredients.
  3. Includes a momentary pulse button for more control.
  4. Large 12 cup BPA free bowl has enough space for any household application.
  5. With a cutting blade that sits very close to the bottom of the bowl, you can easily process small quantities of food.

Built To Outperform And Outlast Other Food Processors

The Breville Sous Chef Food Processor features multiple cutting tools for different tasks including:food processor grating cheese

Grating cheese fine or coarse

food processor slice vegetables

Slicing vegetables to a uniform, adjustable thickness

food processor french fries

Cutting potatoes into french fries

food processor julienne

A julienne blade

And its general purpose cutting blade…

…Its 1,000 watt induction motor is very powerful and compact so you can easily make nut butters, pureed soups, and anything else requiring exceptional power and speed.

The bowl and lid easily twist on and smoothly click into position – a safety mechanism preventing accidents.

The feed chute is adjustable to 3 different sizes to accommodate the ingredients being used.

Breville Sous Chef Food Processor:  A Great Amount Of Utility Packed Into One Small Appliance

  • Takes up little space on the countertop
  • Stowing compartment for the power cord makes storing easier
  • Can replace several hand tools that you used to need

What Others Are Saying About The Breville Sous Chef Food Processor

“I’ve been wanting a food processor for years now, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Who knew this would simplify food prep and mixing/blending so well? Even though this one was recommended to me, I still did my research on the different brands. This one seemed to be sturdy and, overall, had the best reviews. I chose the 12 cup over the 16 cup because my kitchen is so small, but if you will be regularly doubling recipes and have the space, go for the 16 cup. The 12 cup is perfect for my needs. I only wish I had gotten one sooner.”Lisa C

“This food processor is amazing, it has enabled us to make some of the more demanding recipes we enjoy just that much easier and that much more enjoyable. There is no shortage of blades, mixing mechanisms and it is truly powerful.”Nick

“Arrived in perfect condition. Well thought out product and packaging. Has given me more versatility to engage in more ambitious dishes for larger groups, and made more simple and faster some previously tiresome preparation steps. Build quality and strength of motor and parts gives confidence to push limits previously avoided.”David Morris

“I bought this to replace an old Cuisinart that I’ve had for years and years (DLC8F) which would have cost me around $100 to replace the bowl assembly that was a hot mess. It made more sense to me to just upgrade to a whole new machine. I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase! I was slightly concerned that the motor would be too loud, based on other reviews; however, while it is definitely louder than my Cuisinart, it’s not loud like a Nascar race, which is what I imagined from the complaints. My old blender made more noise than this does, so unless you’re planning on doing some sneaky shredding, pureeing, or slicing in the middle of the night, the noise complaints are unwarranted. This is my 2nd Breville purchase (I replaced my Oster blender a year ago) and I’m pretty dang pleased with Breville thus far.”Ellie

Final Verdict: Is The Breville Sous Chef Food Processor Worth It?

Answer: Yes!Thumbs Up

– Durable and powerful

– Versatile

– Compact

– Not too loud

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All-Clad Stainless Steel Pan FAQ:

Q: Where to buy the Breville Sous Chef 12 Food Processor?

A: You can order this food processor from Amazon through this link.


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